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M a C   I I I MAORI art Curator: At the Centre, on the Margins + Jim Vivieaere (1947- 2011) +  Jonathan Mane-Wheoki (1943-2014)     r@ngihiroa, 6 Tahitians, revised on Pukepoto whariki II, 2017       © Rangihīroa Panoho and PIHIRAU PRODUCTIONS Ltd, 2016-2018. No part of this document (text or imagery) is … Continue reading BULL MaC III


rau kaponga maroke hangehange All images and text by rangihīroa unless otherwise indicated. Copyright: PIHIRAU Productions Ltd 2018 See my latest MaC VII post ‘How we belong: Te Parawhau and the Mangrove Tree’ This post considers the connections between a native tree and a Northland hapū through the naming of one of their community buildings. … Continue reading NZ NATIVES

Rangi’s Art

  Auckland based I am devoted to researching Asia Pacific visual\culture and this feeds into my writing, my art practice, my music & my curating.     Other original imagery and writing can be viewed on the following links:   https://www.instagram.com/rangihiroa/ https://pihirau.co.nz/rangis-art-nz-native-series/     Rangihīroa Panoho, Āku Maunga Hāere (My Travelling Mountains), 2015, acrylic inks … Continue reading Rangi’s Art