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M a C   I I I MAORI art Curator: At the Centre, on the Margins + Jim Vivieaere (1947- 2011) +  Jonathan Mane-Wheoki (1943-2014)     r@ngihiroa, 6 Tahitians, revised on Pukepoto whariki II, 2017       © Rangihīroa Panoho and PIHIRAU PRODUCTIONS Ltd, 2016-2018. No part of this document (text or imagery) is … Continue reading BULL MaC III


An ongoing series of responses to a variety of work undertaken by PIHIRAU PRODUCTIONS showcasing our knowledge and expertise.     The book is expansive in its presentation and format as well as highly innovative in its conceptual and theoretical range. Rangihīroa Panoho alludes to a broad range of art practices to elicit an exciting … Continue reading ENDORSEMENTS